Staying Motivated

So now that we’re in “wait” mode … needing to sell our house before we can move out to the coast and subsequently buy our boat … what do we do to stay motivated?  After all, it’s probably a good idea to keep focus on our goal lest we just give up.

As I said yesterday, we put our house on the market last November, that’s 9 months ago (yikes we could have had a baby in that time).

Some of the things we do to stay motivated are:

1.  I have a collage of yacht pictures on my desk at work.  They’re pretty sweet – and probably nicer than what we’ll end up buying, but what the heck, might as well dream big.

2.  We search for prospective yachts on the internet.  We always have a top two or three favorites.  I guess we’ll make an offer on whatever’s at the top of the list once we’re at that point.

3.  We’re going to take care of some details ahead of time.  For example, we plan to get our boating licenses, as well as research boating courses that we may be able to take this winter.  If we can line something like that up, I’m sure it will help keep us “hungry” for the boat.

4.  We’ve been to the coast a couple of times since we started working toward boat buying.  We like to walk around the marinas to see what’s out there.

5.  I blog about it.

I suppose a related topic might be how to stay upbeat while we hurry up and wait.  Maybe I’ll tackle that one in a future blog.

In the meantime, happy boating!


Boats, Boats, Boats

Welcome to the boatlady’s blog!  I decided to start this blog to track the progress of the grand scheme that my husband and I share to sell our house and buy ourselves a yacht to live on.

Steve (not his real name) and I are both in our late 40’s, employed full-time and want to explore life on the open seas.  (OK, not quite).  We still plan to work for a living, but would like to re-locate to Canada’s westcoast, and live on a yacht.

We have a three-pronged approach to this plan. 

Step 1.  Sell our House.  So far step 1 is proving problematic as our house has been on the market since November/09.  But fingers crossed.  Of course, we think there’s someone out there who will just love it.

Step 2.  Get jobs on the Westcoast.  We both have some irons in the fire, but aren’t pursuing anything concrete until Step 1 is dealt with.

Step 3.  Buy a boat.  Lot’s of looking, and an actual offer (that has since been rescinded).  The new plan is to hold off on Step 3 until steps 1 and 2 are a done deal.

I’ll keep the blog updated as developments occur.

Wish us luck!