Transatlantic Crossings – Part I

MS Piłsudski, Polish Ship. The first of its kind to have an indoor swimming pool. Completed 1935, Sank 1939.

Today, I would like to discuss Transatlantic Crossings.

Why, you ask, oh, no reason.  I’m just curious as to whether a motor yacht say, 60-70 feet could make such a trip – and what would be involved.

 I’ve been doing some research (ie. I’ve been looking up Transatlantic Crossings in google).  And surprisingly, there is little of interest on the topic pertaining to motor yachts.

Some things I do know about Transatlantic Crossings:

  • when relatively small vessels cross the Atlantic, they can do so in convoys which are referred to as rallies.
  • you can pay to have your smallish vessel transported on a large one.
  • you can cross the Atlantic in a rowboat (or a raft).
  • it’s much more common to find info on the net re: sailing across the Atlantic versus going in a Motor Yacht.  I suspect that’s because the sailboats haven’t got the massive fuel requirements of the motor yachts.
  • there exists an apparatus called a “Drogue” which is described as “The Sailors Airbag” which is meant to protect a boat from a breaking wave strike.  It effectively slows the boat down so that it doesn’t speed down the slope of a wave crashing into the next wave.

I think we’ll get one of those.

I’ll post Part II when I actually know something useful about Transatlantic Crossings (well, that drogue sounds useful).


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