Christmas Gift Ideas for the Would-be Boat Owner

Hi everyone, as Christmas quickly approaches, I thought I would help all of you out by providing some  “boaty” Christmas gift ideas.  Oh, you know just in case you were looking for a gift for a beloved boater in your family.

Actually, I’m not seriously suggesting that you should get these for us, so go ahead and put your wallet away 🙂

Rama, cc-by-sa-2.0-fr
  • A survival suit.  With one of these puppies, we could fall overboard, and bob around happily until help arrives. 
  • Drogue see my earlier post in which I discuss this wonderful device:
  • Lounge wear – you know, so your boat friend can lounge around on the boat.  I know that’s what I’ll be doing.
  • Fancy glasses – that is drink glasses, not eyeglasses.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen – for those among you that like to give practical gifts. 
  • Earplugs – “Why?”, you ask.  To drown out the moaning of the skipper’s seasick companion.
  • T-shirts (Mine sould read skipper, and hubby’s should read Crew).  Oh ho, wouldn’t that be fun on Christmas morning.
  • Gravol &/or motion sickness relief band.  For obvious reasons.
  • Marine GPS – so we don’t get lost on the way to visit you.
  • Weather walkie-talkie – oh yeah – I’ve seen one of these.  It gives off an alarm whenever there’s a nearby weather warning.
  • Not a cat.  Just in case you thought cats and boats go together.  And besides, we already have one.
  • A yacht.  Go ahead and get your wallet out again.  We’ll take this one. 

    image from

Have a wonderful Holiday Season everyone!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for the Would-be Boat Owner

    1. That’s a great idea your wife had – I wish I’d included that one in the list! We’re still hopeful that someone got us the yacht and is just waiting for delivery 🙂

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