Remember When “Dusty Rose” was in?

We liked this once !?!
It would have been about a decade after Harvest Gold and shag carpeting. You remember if you’re my age. I wonder which colors we like today that future generations will think are hideous.

Hubby and I went to look at a boat a few weeks ago. It was built in the eighties, so, you guessed it … dusty rose throughout. I mean carpets, curtains … anything fabric was pink. But, if you could look past the pinkness of it, the boat had good bones. We thought it had potential.

The day we went was blustery cold, brrr. I kept going back to the galley to stand by the space heater while hubby exchanged boating anecdotes with the boat broker. Fun times!

I will admit that we were just kicking tires this time. We’re not in a position to buy a boat just yet. One day it will happen. This particular boat would have required some remodelling, which would have placed it out of our price range anyway.

It was nice though, just to be able to walk around a boat and “pretend”.


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