You are cordially invited …

Bowen Island by Philippe Giabbanelli under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
… to spend a “virtual” day on our boat. In other words, if we had a boat, you’d be invited out for the day, but since we don’t, well then this will be the next best thing.

So, bring your imagination and let’s get started!

OK – we’d like to get started early (that’s 10:00 am for us). Can you meet us at the dock in town (to be specified later). We’ll come and pick you and your belongings up in the dinghy (don’t forget sunscreen and a hat). Don’t bring anything if you’re afraid to get it wet. No cats please.

I think we should talk ahead of time to decide where you would like to go for the day. If you want a really lazy day, we can just stay anchored in the harbour. Your call.

Ok, well here we are at the boat … watch your step getting off – that first one is a doozy, and we don’t want to have to fish you out of the water 🙂

So, you say that you want to venture over to Bowen Island. Good choice! I’ve never been there. We’ll have a look at the tide charts plan our route and we’re good to go.

We’ll take it pretty slow – probably travelling at 8 knots or so. So kick back and relax and just enjoy the scenary. Can I get you anything to drink? Champagne and orange juice – alright – I like the way you think.

Look at that, we’re here already. I think we’ll anchor off Snug Cove and take the dinghy in. How about that, we’re just in time for lunch. Want to head over to Doc Martin’s pub? You can have the fish ‘n chips. I’ll just have chips, thanks! (and maybe a beer). Ahh, this is the life isn’t it.

You want to go for a hike after lunch – I’m in! I hear there’s a path over to Killarney Lake. it looks very picturesque – it’s only a 45 minute walk.

Well, wasn’t that a wonderful outing. Are you ready to head back to the boat – that’s terrific. We’ve got something really special planned for diinner. “What’s that?”, you ask – well it’s (insert name of favorite food here). Ahh, yes, isn’t it nice to be sitting on the deck, eating a wonderful meal. It’s such a warm summer evening. I just love listening to the gentle lap of the waves and enjoying the company of good people such as yourself. I hope you enjoyed your dinner. Now, let’s just kick back, relax, turn on some tunes and look at the stars.

It just doesn’t get any better than this, does it?