Christmas Gift Ideas for the Would-be Boat Owner

Hi everyone, as Christmas quickly approaches, I thought I would help all of you out by providing some  “boaty” Christmas gift ideas.  Oh, you know just in case you were looking for a gift for a beloved boater in your family.

Actually, I’m not seriously suggesting that you should get these for us, so go ahead and put your wallet away 🙂

Rama, cc-by-sa-2.0-fr
  • A survival suit.  With one of these puppies, we could fall overboard, and bob around happily until help arrives. 
  • Drogue see my earlier post in which I discuss this wonderful device:
  • Lounge wear – you know, so your boat friend can lounge around on the boat.  I know that’s what I’ll be doing.
  • Fancy glasses – that is drink glasses, not eyeglasses.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen – for those among you that like to give practical gifts. 
  • Earplugs – “Why?”, you ask.  To drown out the moaning of the skipper’s seasick companion.
  • T-shirts (Mine sould read skipper, and hubby’s should read Crew).  Oh ho, wouldn’t that be fun on Christmas morning.
  • Gravol &/or motion sickness relief band.  For obvious reasons.
  • Marine GPS – so we don’t get lost on the way to visit you.
  • Weather walkie-talkie – oh yeah – I’ve seen one of these.  It gives off an alarm whenever there’s a nearby weather warning.
  • Not a cat.  Just in case you thought cats and boats go together.  And besides, we already have one.
  • A yacht.  Go ahead and get your wallet out again.  We’ll take this one. 

    image from

Have a wonderful Holiday Season everyone!


Psssst – Wanna buy a boat?

Today I thought I’d share with y’all a boat listing that is typical of what we like to see in a boat.  Here you go:

Some of the features of this yacht are:

  • twin diesel engines with < 300 hours on them
  • 80′ – holy cow – that’s about as big as we would want to go.
  • Sleeps 9
  • Move in ready
  • The price is close to budget
  • Espresso maker

    image from

This is a pretty typical arrangement for a Hatteras – which we love.

So, if anyone’s wondering what to get us for Christmas, wonder no more.  We’ve made it easy for you this year 🙂

The Panama Canal

The Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal. Public domain U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Ed Early

Let me tell you what I know about the Panama Canal. I think it’s in Panama. That’s about it.

Now, you may wonder why I’m thinking about the Panama Canal. Well, you see, there is a particular brand of yacht that “Steve” and I have grown fond of. It’s called a Hatteras. We like it because it seems to be a thoughtful design. It takes advantage of every nook and cranny available, and incorporates little touches that we would actually use. For example, behind the wheelhouse (is that the right term?), there is a “captains” office with a table that folds into a bed and there’s also a desk. Perfect. It’s an extra bed, plus an office in a small space. The prices for these boats (used) seems quite reasonable as well.

The Hatteras Motor Yacht company is located in New Bern, North Carolina (the wrong side of the Panama Canal). What this means is that you find a lot of these boats in Texas, Maryland, North Carolina, etc. and not so many on the westcoast.

You should also know that it’s not practical to transport boats of the size we’re looking for (60-70′) overland.

So, you see where this is going. This leaves us to ponder the possibility of bringing a boat through the Panama Canal.

As time goes on we will learn more about this mysterious canal. I’ll keep you posted!