Odds ‘n Ends

This is not our yacht. Photo By Pline, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license
Hi everyone!

I thought today I’d bring you up to speed re: what’s happening in our lives that’s boat related. Here it is, in no particular order:

1. I passed my boating exam! Yay! You can now rest easy that I won’t ram into your boat when I’m out cruising the waters, as I’m down with the Collision regulations. Now, don’t go worrying about hubby, he’s also legal, but he didn’t have to take the exam since he already took the course (lucky him). He was a real trooper though, and went to all of the classes with me (when he was in town, that is).

2. We’re registered for a new boating course. It’s Maritime Radio and is only three nights – much shorter than the last one. This course will provide us with a restricted radio operating certificate, or something like that. I’m looking forward to the class because I never did learn when to use Mayday versus Pan Pan in the boating class. I don’t want to get the two mixed up. Once we’re finished, we’ll take a bit of a break from boating courses for awhile.

3. We’ll probably be heading out to BC for a couple of days (I won a trip!) towards the end of Feb. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to scope out potential boating location #1 while we’re there. We’ll also get to check out a Canucks game as part of the prize winning package! Whoa, it just doesn’t get anymore exciting than this. Unfortunately, the prize package is just for me, so I can’t bring hubby into the hospitablity suite at the game ūüė¶ I will be sure to text him and send photos showing him how great it is. He’ll appreciate that.

4. We waded through snowbanks to enjoy a social evening hosted by the local Power Squadron chapter last Friday. Two couples shared their adventures sailing on the Westcoast last summer. Looked like great fun, and it made us both wish we were there.

5. We haven’t checked out any new boats, nor have we had anymore interest in the house … soon, soon.

Well now you know what we’re up to. BTW if you did buy us that boat for Christmas, I think there’s been a mix up at the dealership, as we haven’t received a call about it yet. You might want to follow up on that.


That Boat we Bought

The one that got away

Aha – got your attention!

Well, to be fair, I guess the title should read “That Boat we Almost Bought”.

I thought today, I would regale you with the story of the boat that we almost bought about a year ago.¬† The story goes like this …

We stopped by the Boat Broker’s office when we were on Vancouver Island,¬†Thanksgiving before last.¬† We just wanted to get the lay of the land, see what was available boat-wise on the market.¬†

We were actually on the lookout for an old fishing boat that we could refurbish and live on.¬† After a brief conversation with our boat expert, we learned that a fishing boat may not be the way to go.¬† You see, fishing boats are designed to have holds full of fish, and a refurbished one wouldn’t be that stable without a lot of ballast in the hold.¬† We didn’t want to put ballast in the hold, we wanted to put beds there.¬† Hmmm, maybe lead beds would work.¬† Anyway, I digress….

So, onto plan B, a motor yacht, and our broker friend just happens to have his eye on a beauty.¬† The price is reasonable, and what do we think?¬† Well, we look at it on-line, and we like it! It’s an older boat, to be sure, but it has everything we need and abundant cabin space.¬† We return home, and ponder for awhile, then book another trip to the coast to have a look at her.

She’s also impressive in person, sitting larger than life in the water.¬† Her owner takes us for a short cruise and we are in love. Having been reassured by the salesman not to worry about the fact that we still haven’t sold our house … there are ways of making these things work out.¬† We pressed on and made an offer – which was accepted.¬† Yay!

Now, since you know we don’t¬†own a boat, you know that something must have gone wrong.¬† Yes, you’re right.¬† Two things really.¬† First of all, our house still hadn’t sold, and it turns out that the salesman’s re-assurances were just that, reassurances¬†– there wasn’t a grand scheme to help us own both a boat and a house at the same time.¬† Imagine that.¬†¬†In hindsight, duh!

The second issue, and ultimately our saving grace was that the boat appraisal we had done returned some pretty dismal results.  There was a de-lamination issue with the boat that could cost us upwards of $100,000 Рyikes!

Well, we took that opportunity to bail (get it, bail), and got out of Dodge.¬† We were a little sad –¬†it was a great boat and the owners really made a positive impression on us.¬† I suspect, if our house had sold, we would have made that particular deal work somehow.

But, now we’re on to bigger and better things!

Just a side note about the delay in buying ourselves a boat.¬† When winter arrived, and we went to shovel for the first time,¬†we¬†couldn’t find our snow shovel.¬† We had sold it in a garage sale last spring!¬† Also, I still can’t find my winter boots.¬† I think I may have thrown them away.¬† I guess the lesson here is sometimes¬†we optimists get burned ūüôā But now I get to buy a new pair if winter boots – so not really – yay!

Random Musings

There are alot of details that run through your head (sometimes over and over again), when you start thinking about living on a boat.¬† Today I thought I’d share a random smattering of these types of thoughts.¬† If you have any insight, feel free to share.

  • how far south do you have to go before you can jump in the water and go for a swim- keeping in mind that I don’t want to be cold (brrrr)? Where does the water turn that bright blue color? Are there any special considerations when swimming off a boat when you’re not near shore (other than the obvious don’t swim out too far)?¬† Will sea lions carry me off?
  • where will I park my little boat when I go into shore for work?¬† Can I just leave it where-ever I want at any public dock – afterall, it’s pretty small.
  • where will I¬†store my car? Could we get a car small enough to keep on the boat? What about scooters? How manageable are they to get on and off the boat?
  • What will it be like to be on the boat in a storm?
  • And what is the deal with the Panama Canal?¬† Do you just show up there and they let you through?
  • How is the satellite internet out there when you’re travelling? Could I work from the boat while travelling?
  • How much food can we fit in the freezer?
  • How fast do you have to work to tie the boat up¬†when you bring the boat into the dock?¬† Will I¬†be able to do it?¬†

Well, you get the idea.¬† Lots to think about, and I didn’t even mention the thoughts that would make me really look bad.¬† Ok, just one, because I like you … If I swim in circles around the boat, will I get dizzy?